Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation

It's been almost a whole year. WOW. In the past year things have entirely flipped upside-down a few times. My life path has changed... a few times. But what I can say is that my desired end-game for my life is the same. If I have learned anything on this journey, it's that when barriers appear, you just need to find a new path to the finish line.

My goal here has changed. I was spending my time trying to mimic other fitness blogs and realized I don't want to be them. Realizing that making the first step is more important than anything, I'm going to focus more on the motivational side of health than ever before because if you can't find that motivation, nothing else really matters.

When you look in the mirror, no matter what you'll see things that you wish were different. Most of the time, you'll be too hard on yourself. MOST of the time you'll judge yourself harder than the harshest critic. Don't be who people say you should be. Be who you want to be. Make yourself happy because at the end of the day, who else matters.

When you realize that you need to improve your health for you, that's when the journey begins.

I am a sucker for motivational videos, so I'm going to post my favorite here and hope I can impact someone else with it.

Secrets for Success- Eric Thomas